The Vision Philosophy

Individualized Education Programs

Vision Management Consulting believes the IEP is the cornerstone of effective educational programming for special education students. When properly constructed, the IEP epitomizes the problem solving process by:

  • Identifying, defining, and describing current functioning (Present Levels of Performance);
  • Identifying target goals (Goals and Objectives);
  • Developing interventions and strategies to achieve those goals (Program Description, Related Services, Instructional Modifications and Supports, etc.);
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention (Evaluation Procedures and Performance Criteria).

Application of the IEP model often fails because the IEP is commonly viewed as a document to be completed because it is required by law, rather than as a planning process of which the IEP is the end product. This is due, in large part, to the time consuming nature of IEP preparation, inadequate training of staff in IEP development and a perception, borne of prior experience with inadequately prepared IEPs, that the document has little relevance or meaning for the day to day instructional program.

Vision Management Consulting views computer assisted IEP development software as a vital component of an overall strategy for:

  • Achieving compliance with special education rules and regulations.
  • Developing IEPs with targeted outcomes which enhance student competency and performance.
  • Reducing the potential for conflict with parents of students.
  • Documenting that the programs and services provided to the student were appropriate, provided in the least restrictive environment and reasonably geared to confer meaningful educational benefit. 


I called IEP Planet for assistance as I was unfamiliar with the system. On my first call, the receptionist took my name and told me that Tina would call me back shortly to help me navigate the system. In less than half an hour, Tina called me back to help me.

She was very patient and walked me through the IEP in the areas that I needed help with. The following day, when I tried to do it on my own, I had difficulty. Hence, I called Tina again and she helped me with the technical issues. She was very helpful and kind. She had patience with me - one who is not that tech savvy. It was a pleasure working with Tina, and IEP Planet's customer assistance is superb. There was no run-around, instead, I received direct, swift assistance to help me complete my IEP. I look forward to working with IEP Planet in the future.

Special Educator
New Jersey

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