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Wednesday, September 1, 2004


Question #1 - If districts add additional "Related Services" under the customization section, where and how does this affect the ASSA report?

Answer #1 - The State only counts "Speech," "Occupational Therapy," "Physical Therapy," and "Counseling" as separate related services. All other related services are counted under the "Other" column. So, any services a district adds would be counted under "Other" or have its own page for that related service.

Question #2 - If a student were strictly on "Home Instruction" what school would a district report that student under for the ASSA report?

Answer #2 - Our interpretation is that the answer would be the school the child would be attending if he were not on home instruction. Alternately, it might be the school the child last attended prior to being placed on home instruction (which you would think is the same as the school the child would attend if not on home instruction, but that's not necessarily the case, however, we recommend that you get clarification from your County Supervisor.

Question #3 - What school should a district assign a student to if she/he is going to be Pre-School, but has not entered the program yet because she/he is still being evaluated?

Answer #3 - The only place where you could enter that information would be the "Current School" field on the Demographics, Evaluation Plan, Classification Summary, or IEP. Since the student, prior to the implementation of the IEP, is not actually in any school, the fields should be left blank. Until the child is actually physically in program in a school somewhere, she/he can't be counted for either the ASSA or the Dec. 1st Report (thus, leaving the school field blank does not negatively impact on any reports). As for the June 30th report, the "Consent to Evaluate" date and the child's actual classification are used in Table 1, but school is not relevant to this table, so again, there is no impact until the child is physically in school. We recommend leaving the "Current School" fields blank until the child is placed in program.

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