IEP PlaNETTM System Software Features

Ease of Use

IEP PlaNETTM is distinguished from its competitors by a number of features. Easy to use, IEP PlaNETTM utilizes the familiar Browser interface of Internet Explorer. If you’ve used a web browser to “surf” the Internet, you know how to use IEP PlaNETTM.

Navigation Tools

  • On-screen menus allow for fluid movement throughout the system
  • Logically organized screens and functions easily guide users from one feature to the next

Software Features

  • Word processing capability is included
  • Predetermined, modifiable lists for the selection of standard entries (Case manager names, classifications, programs, schools, termination reasons, etc.) may be customized.
  • Password and multiple security levels maintain system security.
  • Contact information storage maintains students’ demographic information.
  • Web access allows users to prepare IEP’s from any location with access to the Internet via a standard phone line and modem.
  • On-screen point and click selection of goals, objectives, modifications, aids, services, etc., eases IEP preparation
  • On-screen editing of any computer generated sample statements to individualize IEP’s for student needs
  • On-screen previewing of IEP document prior to printout
  • IEP printout reflects professional appearance rather than a computer generated look.
  • Auditing feature, tracks every entry made by users including name, date and time of entry
  • Spell Check on all text fields
  • Required fields on all screens
  • Safeguard against duplicate student entry (based on last name, first name, DOB & sex)
  • Time Stamped “Notes” field on student demographic screen
  • “Notes” field on all documents (does not print on document, for information only)
  • Archived documents automatically locked to ALL users
  • “Draft”, “In-Force”, or “Archive” imprinted on ALL IEP documents
  • Export feature to allow mail merge, capabilities to create letters, labels and envelopes
  • Aggregate Report Operations include:
    o Increment grade
    o Graduate students
    o Delete students
  • Fixed Format Reports include:
    o Annual Federal Census report (Dec 1st)
    o State reports
    • Funding
    • Statistical analysis

Additional Modules

  • Import feature (daily, weekly, monthly whatever the district elects)
  • Student Photo capabilities
  • Report Generator: Lists of students by related service, exemptions, annual review due dates, plus many more – all of which may be sorted by various criteria (last name, classification, program types, etc.)

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