Better IDEAs for Managing
Special Education

Better IDEAs


Vision Management Consulting's 15 years experience in IEP development and due process has resulted in the development of solutions which facilitate compliance with federal and state regulations and are geared to help special education staff avoid the typical pitfalls present in IEP development and special education service delivery.


Vision Management Consulting views the IEP not as a document, but as a process - a process which, by emphasizing the relationship of assessment and ongoing evaluation to IEP preparation, culminates in IEPs which confer meaningful educational benefit to special education students.


IEP PlaNETTM provides for efficient management of the IEP development process as well as accurate, timely special education record maintenance and reporting. Using IEP PlaNETTM results in the production of IEPs that are individualized and relevant to instructional programs while allowing for the more efficient use of staff resources.

Professional Development

Vision's IEP PlaNETTM training and customized staff development workshops assist your staff in implementing a "best practices" model for Special Education.

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Better IDEAs
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