IEP PlaNETTM Training

Vision Management Consulting ensures the proper implementation of the IEP PlaNETTM System through customization of the software to your district's unique needs and comprehensive on-site training. Vision employs the most up-to-date special education research, remains current with IDEA and State Administrative Code requirements, and utilizes state-of-the-art user-friendly interface design.

Implementation of the IEP PlaNETTM System includes a staff development and training program which fully integrates software training with Vision Management Consulting's IEP philosophy, resulting in efficient, compliant, and effective IEPs. Training in the use of the IEP PlaNETTM System software includes how to enter student biographical data, create and update IEPs for students, and generate reports. An overview of the IEP PlaNETTM System software user's manual is also undertaken.

In addition to ensuring the compliance of the IEP PlaNETTM System software with current IDEA and State Administrative Code requirements through regularly issued updates, Vision Management Consulting provides staff development workshops addressing relevant issues in special education.

System Implementation and Training Models

The IEP PlaNETTM System is implemented in two ways:

  1. Coding sheets are filled out by special education professionals and submitted to a central location where the information is entered by data entry personnel.

  2. Special education professionals directly enter student's IEP information into the IEP PlaNETTM System software on laptop or desktop computers.

Depending on the needs, size, and preferences of the school district, Vision Management Consulting recommends two different training models:

1. The Direct Staff Training Model:

In this training model, the focus is on the direct training of special education staff. Vision Management Consulting trains each staff member on how to input and retrieve information from the IEP PlaNETTM System software.

2. The Training-the-Trainer Model

Vision Management Consulting uses its "Training-the-Trainer" workshop to familiarize in-district staff members with the IEP PlaNETTM System software and the methods used to train software users, who then provide direct training to the remaining staff. Vision Management Consulting is still available to do workshops covering IEP development, due process issues, etc.

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